quarta-feira, janeiro 27, 2016



You were lying on your back in the grass
Counting backwards from a thousand
To cool the rush of the blood in your veins
And the pressure of everyone, everyone, everyone, everyone

When I believed in that sound
I was kidding myself
Come on Come on

Well I followed you down in a dream
To the floor of a valley under siege
Under a gunmetal moon, on a river like wire
And the ribbon runs on and on, on and on, on and on
And when I wrestle you down
Something blooms in the dark
So far back in me

I couldn't live with your hands on my mouth
Watching ice growing over the waterfall
While the window crazes with heat
And as those fiery wheels spin and burst in the air
The light is so bright, the dark is so dark
And I dislike what I need
And I get lost in the dark
With such a violence in me
Come on Come on