sexta-feira, janeiro 09, 2009


there's a lot of people out there having a hard time tonight
amongst the whispers of revolution and shouts of hang on tight
a lot of crippled hearts out there, some will never mend
losing our patience and losing too many good men
some say it's the end times and some say it's all just begun
some are hiding in the churches and some are hiding in the gun
some are thinking it's extinction, some are swearing by salvation
noting nostradamus or relating revelations
you come on down, you spiral down
come down well within this regency
you can put it down and you could jot it down
reinvent some new form of decency
it sure is getting hotter and the water is on the rise
don't want to live forever but another generation would be nice

(Giant Sand)



Blogger Cate said...

A sonhar? =) *

2:23 da manhã  
Blogger Nuno Guronsan said...

Hoje, por acaso tive uns sonhos estranhos... Deve ser por causa da doença estar a chegar ao fim...

E hoje vou sair à rua, mais de uma semana depois de estar trancado em casa. Viva o frio!


12:42 da tarde  

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