domingo, dezembro 28, 2008


It's oh so late to start wishing
This heart of mine, you're gonna own
They fade away and now you're here
I didn't know
It's only you....

Go out in the light

Why suffer back in the game
All living, all our sin the same
All the faithful heal, they're all praying
They refer to

Oh, return

They release you then you turn to see
Make it feel alright

The only thing is that I didn't
I tried to climb but fell on home
I feel around and still your here
Your coming home
But before you do...

Go out in the light

Out in the moonlit sky
I saw you...

(Martina Topley Bird)



Blogger Patricia said...

Vejo que levaste a Martina contigo no teu dia de descanso. Espero que tenha sido uma excelente companhia.


7:58 da tarde  
Blogger Nuno Guronsan said...

Muito bom, o disco.
Vai-me fazer companhia por muito tempo.

Há pessoas com muito bom gosto ;)

Obrigado e beijos.

10:05 da tarde  

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