terça-feira, julho 08, 2008

I Love to Move in Here

I love to move here.. “wooo!”
i love to move in here

this is how its gonna go..
y’all gona move ’till ya cant no more
the dj gonna pick up records ’till his hands are sore
the lights are gonna flash
for grand masta cash
gonna kick it to you like you never heard before
the place is here
the time is now
all the fellas say ho
all the ladies say ow.
put your two hands togetha
to form a soclap …
and jump back never see you ride the track
it ain’t black or white
it’s about the beat
if you can’t rack the mic
its about the heat
you say what you’re like
when im about to speak
and nobody wanna hear you anyway
so keep it moving girl (girl)
so old skool taking it back
and we ain’t leaving
till we stop breathing
even if the music stops -
we continue to groove
nice and smooth
because we want y’all to move

I love to move here.. “wooo!”
i love to move in here