quinta-feira, maio 17, 2007

Story Of An Artist

listen up and i'll tell a story
about an artist growing old
some would try for fame and glory
others aren't so bold

and everyone in friends and family
sayin "hey go get a job
why do you only do that only
why are you so odd?

"and we dont really like what you do
we dont think anyone ever will
we think you have a problem
and this problem's made you ill"

the artist walks among the flowers
appreciating the sun
he's out there all his waking hours
oh and who's to say he's wrong

but the artist walks alone
and someone says behind his back
"he's got some gall to call himself that
he doesn't even know where he's at"

and they sit in front of their tv
sayin "hey isn't this a lot of fun"
and they laugh at the artist
saying "he don't know how to have fun"

listen up and i'll tell a story
about an artist growin old
some would try for fame and glory
others like to watch the world

Daniel Johnston, "Story of an Artist"
in The Late, Great (2004)



Blogger Girl Afraid said...

Hoje estive a ouvir este álbum (não o referido de 2004, mas o dos covers/originais, de 2006, da imagem)... a tarde toda.... those sleepy afternoons... pois....

e ainda estive para colocar esta versão dos Death Cab for Cutie:

Having dreams about you
I want to scream about you
I'm having dreams about you
I want to scream about you

Everything you've done
You were the girl who seemed to own the world
Everything was about you

I took a chance to call you my own
I didn't know a thing about you
I though you could love
What a fool I was

It was going on
I was just singing my songs
There was something mad about you

I took it wrong
You liked my song
Why couldn't I have you

A crazy dream you done me wrong
You left me long
I couldn't stand a chance with out you
You said that love was dead and in my head
I just couldn't believe it

And on the phone you said
You never knew me at all

I thought there was love
What a fool I was

And everything was in hyper-jinx
Just like an old time movie

You don't understand
Can't comprehend

I guess it doesn't really matter
And every dream a nightmare
And nothing really matters

I thought I was Loved
What a fool I was

Having dreams about you

"Dream Scream", por todos os momentos que vivemos como sonhos. apenas na nossa cabeça.

[uma espécie de ex-aequo]

9:21 da tarde  
Blogger Nuno Guronsan said...

"why are you so odd?"

Pois, entendido. Ando a ouvir isto mais vezes do que gostaria. Isto é, não me importo de ser "odd" (aos olhos de alguns), mas podiam não o dizer tantas vezes, caramba.

O orgão é magnífico, moça.


9:43 da tarde  

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