terça-feira, abril 24, 2007

Olé! Tarantula

"It’s all to do with how people feel about what brings them into
existence - how some people kind of recoil from it and some people are
delighted by it, and some people are just shocked that they exist at
all. I think I’m in the last group. A lot of my songs are about the
shock of existence, so I suppose this is another take on it, if you like."

Robyn Hitchcock,
acerca do álbum Olé! Tarantula

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Out in the trees old tarantula
has got me humming
Out in the desert the cacti are home
Tarantulas cluster in their underground dome
Olé tarantula

Furry black legs
And a spicy goatee
If you see Gino
won't you kiss him for me?
Olé tarantula

Through the dark windows
she squeezes her eggs
out they come tumbling
on their spindly legs
Olé tarantula

I feel like a three-legged chinchilla
Standing on a table so wide
I can't see over the side

Look at his fingers
Caressing your keys
If he don't please you
Well you just can't be pleased
Olé tarantula

Pumping it out through a spiky black fist
If she don't kiss you
Well you'll never be kissed (smooch!)
I knew a woman in San Francisco
Or maybe it was down in San Jose
I don't recall, either way
Neither does she
Yeah forget about me
Oh Tarantula

All life is sinful
The Catholics say
Use it up quick
And then you throw it away
Olé tarantula
Olé tarantula

Robyn Hitchcock and The Venus 3, "Olé! Tarantula"
in Olé! Tarantula (2006)



Blogger Nuno Guronsan said...

Anda por ali o Peter Buck, boa referência...

Beijokas, rapariga amedrontada (de tarântulas? ;)

10:43 da tarde  
Blogger Girl Afraid said...

Never fear, never afraid (only sometimes)...


- musiquinha ideal antes de comemorar o feriado da Revolução... ainda estou a recuperar :)


12:17 da tarde  

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