sexta-feira, abril 20, 2007

Dancing on the Ceiling

What is happening here?
Something is going on
That's not quite clear
Somebody turn on the light
We're gonna have a party
It's starting tonight

Oh, what a feeling!
When we're dancing on the ceiling
The room is hot...that's good
Some of my friends came
By from the neighbourhood
People were starting
To climb the walls
Ooh, it looks like everybody
Is having a ball

Everybody starts to lose control
When the music is right
If you see somebody hanging around
Don't get up right
The only thing we wanna do tonight
Is go round and round
And turn upside down
Come on, let's get down

So come on, let's get loose
Don't hold back
Because it ain't no use
Hard to keep your feet on the ground
Because when we like to ball it
We only want to get down
What? you say what?
It's love now...
Just get started
Everybody clap your hands, come on
Everybody have sense...

(Lionel Richie)



Blogger Patricia said...

Depois de uma sessão de música dos eighties hoje no trabalho, não resisti!

9:16 da tarde  
Blogger Girl Afraid said...

Agora é que tu me mataste!


Beijinhos ;)

3:08 da tarde  
Blogger Nuno Guronsan said...

Aqui por casa, algures, anda um lp do All Night Long, deste mesmo senhor. A ver se o encontro para me inspirar...



9:41 da tarde  

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