quarta-feira, janeiro 16, 2013

That Cigarette Keeps Burning

Well you know you did wrong
now you can't wait you no more
and all the words you've been spreading my ear
barely got my fear oh so cruel
now you said you wanna make it right
looking deep into my eyes
you run your zip up and down you must think that I'm a clown but I see
I see you lighting up your cigarette and drinking up your beer
time to seem the freeze then it bust them tears and I saw
I see, I see that cigarette keeps burning
that cigarette keeps burning

Yeah your cigarette keeps burning and now your head is turning
you rise can hide the truth
the mystic of your truth
and your cigarette keeps burning
and you never fail so bleed

Now the ring's got fooling down
looks like you're gonna jump and shout
but you have..terms I'm falling down your bear and us not

 now you walk over to the bed and pass your hand through your hair
and strangers it seems I still now what that mean so I just..
you keep smoking every cigarette and drinking up your bear
in time she seems to freeze, use to bust in tears
and I see, yeah I see

That cigarette keeps burning
That cigarette keeps burning
I see the cigarette keeps burning
cigarette keeps burning

Oh that cigarette keeps burning and your words I'm like are mourning
you are..away when you see you wanna stay
and your cigarette keeps burning
and, and will you bleed
but now the cigarette just stare
and you walk on of the bed
start cleaning up the tears
God we ancient falls and nears
and that's..it's still bad
and we're through