quarta-feira, julho 21, 2010

After I Made Love To You

Eloquent, I soon retire
To nothing else I may aspire
After I've made love to you

In the dark I see you glisten
To your breath I lay and listen
After I've made love to you

In your arms I'm softly resting
Memories of you undressing
And your lips my final blessing
I never knew

The embrace that I'd been lacking
Has been found with kisses smacking
And two bodies there attacking
I and you

Baby, why don't we feel guilty?
Why's it seem we're doing right
When we're doing something filthy
In a rented room tonight?

I think it's 'cause we love the now
We love forever love and how
And my life's your love anyway
And your life's my love everyday

You are mine oh now forever
Think of you always wherever
After I've made love to you
After I've made love to you

(Bonnie Prince Billy)



Blogger tsiwari said...

Tem algumas grandes canções este senhor...

... como esta, sim!

8:08 da tarde  
Blogger Nuno Guronsan said...

Enormes canções, diria eu. :)

6:58 da tarde  

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